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Monday, April 13, 2015



Phil talks to Dave Oliva about security measures at Coachella and the fertile ground it represents for brainwashing… Also Dave and KBBB security guy Dick Lloyd have to hog-tie Jay Santos and toss him in the back of Dave’s van.

Episode 357 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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9 comments on “Monday, April 13, 2015
  1. Ryan Walters says:

    What you think I unhinged my jaw?

  2. Larry Speers says:

    phil chop suey is making a come back because it is in the trailer for the new mortal kombat I believe is also featured in the game as well

  3. Reg Rodriguez says:

    Anyone else having the audio on the video drop at around 11:09? Audio-only files working just fine.

  4. Kyle Young says:

    Great show as always, Mr. Henry.

    Does anyone have a link to the RSS feed for the pre-shows? Mine stopped working on April 1st and I haven’t gotten any new episodes since.

  5. Joni Ellsworth says:

    Just found out I can download the show directly to my iPad without fucking with iTunes on my desktop or I can watch the video with one click! And I am walking on air. Thanks so much Phil and to all the crew! Bud Dickman is a genius!

    • Joni Ellsworth says:

      Phil, hubby and I have decided that there are not enough words in our Webster’s to describe your new website, so we picked out two and added one of our own: Absolutely, Fucking, Awesome! Our neice, who puts your show on the bows for us using the eye thingy hooked to the computer (or something like that, I think) says she likes it too. Oh wait……..she told me to say this! Anyway, Phil, we love you and are really happy for you and Bud and Margaret and all your listeners and everybody who knows how to use a computer (we don’t, and still miss listening to you on the RADIO with our cathedral-shaped Crosley, but never mind) that your new website turned out to be so absolutely awesome. Oh, we mean FUCKING awesome!

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